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how many innings in college softball

How Many Innings In College Softball?

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College softball is a famous game played between colleges or higher educational institutes. It is one of the most interesting games, with many exciting aspects. How many innings in college softball is one of the critical concerns that will make us wonder.

So, we realized it would be helpful to share some exciting facts and details about the game for those interested in knowing more about it.

Also, those new to it can get an idea about this exciting game.

Basics of Softball Basics At a Glance!

Before knowing more about college softball, let us see what softball game is all about. This game is similar to baseball, played with a giant ball. There are two types of hops used in the game. One is 11-16,” and the other is 28-40 cm in circumference. This game, as mentioned, is mainly played between the sports clubs or the colleges. There are professional players for the game and play at a higher level representing a club or institute.

Generally, there are two types of interpretations for this game. One is slow-pitch softball, and the other is fast-pitch softball. The slow-pitch softball is paid mainly for recreational purposes. But fast-pitch football is played professionally.

The rules of softball

Most commonly, softball rules are similar to a baseball game’s rules.

The game moves at a significantly faster pace than a traditional baseball game. The main reason is that the pitch is very similar to the baseball pitch. The bases and the fielders stay very much close to the home plate. Normally softball is pitched underhand from the ground making use of fast rise with the help of a windmill arm motion. But baseball is thrown overhand from a small hill named mound that changed the sign. This sport is mainly played in North America. But professional leagues pay for this game in Asia, Europe, and South America.

The game’s main objective is to hit the ball with a bat before the other payer tries to run around the inner field with four posts. When the runner manages to run around without being out, a run is scored. The team that collects the most runs is the winner.

The nature of the game

Usually, each football team has nine players.

But how many innings in softball?

The game begins over seven innings. The team will bat in the field within each inning. Also, the inning is split into the top and the bottom of the inning—the away team bats initially at the top of the innings, and the home team fields. Then the team switches so the home team can bat at the bottom of the innings. It is how the game takes place and the innings are scored.

Pitch sizes vary in softball.

Usually, it depends on the standard pitch sizes at the specific time the game is played. The in-fields contain two bases in a diamond shape, the second base, and the third base. The home place is at the center of the area. The pitcher is placed there, and he has to throw the ball standing in the middle. The delivery of the ball is done by under arm method. And the pitcher is expected to at least keep one leg on the plate at the point of delivering the ball.

The team needs to be organized before the game starts.

It is where the batting order is set.

Note that this order cannot be changed after the game is on. The batters leave the game when a fielder catches the ball without bouncing on the ground. Sometimes the fielders miss the ball. If you miss the ball three times, it is called or tagged by a fielder holding the ball while he runs between the bases. The batsman can walk to first base if the pitcher fails to get the ball within the strike zone 4 times without a stop being made.

Usually, the strike zone in softball is larger than the baseball field.

The other specialty of this game is that the team can be a mix of members of both genders, men and women. Or it can also be a team of single-sex, whether men or women. When one team completes the innings, the teams switch, and the other starts batting. An inning gets completed when the three members of the team complete batting.

Scoring of softball

It is essential to know the scoring system of the game. To score a run, the patting player must first hit the ball. And then he should run around the field without getting out. One round of successful runs scores one point. Every batter who manages to complete one game gets one point. Lie that the team collects the points for each run the batters will run around between the posts. Also, you can get a run scored even if you do not run. It is how it happens. A separate player can be located on the pitch to run for the player who bats. So, he can run as soon as he sees the ball being hit with the bat.

College softball

College softball is the same as a regular softball game. But it requires constant training sessions, effective teamwork, excellent focus, a strong arm, and a swift reaction time. When the payers are selected for the team, the experts usually examine the batting average of each individual, best throws, types of hits, coordination capacity, defensive highlights, and abilities that can improve the catching.

To become a successful softball player, the individual must have experience in different pitches. They should have the ability to handle various pitch types. Also, he has to hit the ball correctly to ensure his teammates will score an inning. If you are a pitcher, you will be regularly examined on the speed of each fastball—the effectiveness of other pitches. The accuracy of each pitching and the overall endurance and cognitive abilities would improve performances. These can improve the overall performance.

Any player who wishes to join a college softball team can optimize his batting power and stance, swing, strength, the effectiveness of each hit, and reaction time.

Also, in most colleges, the softball teams have special training camps where the players are trained uniquely to deal with the softball game. These sessions are efficient as the players learn the unique features and techniques to be successful softball players.

How many innings are there in college softball?

Those who know about softball know six or seven innings in the regular game.

But what about college softball?

Have you been wondering how many innings are played in college softball?

Let us find out!

The professional college softball game has seven innings. If the game is a tie, there can be an extra inning to decide the winner.

As mentioned, the regular softball game has six or seven innings, depending on the players’ skills. Higher groups, such as high school or college softball teams, play seven innings. But the youth league usually plays six.

So when the softball game is played throughout seven innings, each team gets to be on the field seven times. That means each team will bat seven times.

But it is essential o remember that not all softball teams will reach the end of a total number of innings, an example. If the home team wins in the seventh inning after the visiting team bats, there won’t be any reason for them to bat again as the game is over.

When the mercy rule is in place above may be a little different. If one team wins a considerable amount after a certain number of inning, usually by eight runs in the second part of the game, the game will automatically end, and the team who is up wins.

So as mentioned in the beginning, the college softball game has seven innings. But sometimes, there are exceptions when there could be more or fewer innings in a game.

How many innings in NCAA softball?

Below are some of the NCCA softball rules regarding the number of innings in a game.

  • The usual regulation of the game is seven innings unless the game ends or extends in a tie score.

The game can be shortened due to the following reasons:

  1. The home team needs none or only a part of its half of the seventh inning to score more runs than the visitor team.
  2. When the umpire announces, the game is forfeited or halted.
  3. When the eight-run rule is active
  4. The first exception to this rule is when the game is tied after seven innings. Then the game will be played for an extra inning.

Usually, the teams play extra innings until they break the score tie.

  • The following exception is the mercy rule, the eight-run rule. If one of the teams wins by eight or more runs after five or more innings, the game will end early. When you encounter a situation like this, the team with the highest score wins.
  • Also, there are situations where the umpire can end the game earlier than the usual timeline for a few other reasons. These reasons include the weather when a team is called forfeits, or the game needs pausing and resuming later for a safety matter of the players o the field.

Same as the college softball game, the high school softball game to his seven innings. If you were concerned about how many innings you spent s in softball high school, we hope you got the answer well.

Soft ball fielding and batting skills

Playing softball is no easy task!

Like anything else, this needs particular skill; below are some critical a player should have to perform fielding well in the sport.


Throwing the ball is one of the critical talents or abilities that the players should have in every position to defend themselves. As softball is bigger and heavier than baseball, it is essential to have a solid arm to perform accurate, long throws. You can improve the skill by regularly playing throw and catch.


Same as throwing, catching the softball is essential. The players need to be good at catching high fly balls. Also, on the field, the players need to see the short throws from the other fielders. 


One of the most critical and technical skills one should have when playing softball. It is different in softball than any other sport as it has to perform underhand. Practicing this skill will make the players develop shoulder strength and techniques.

Like the fielding skills, you must perform the batting task well.

Here are the batting skills that you should have:

  • Hitting for contact- is one of the critical skills you need to have when hitting the ball. It is the ability to keep contact with the ball when hitting it. The softball player needs to strike out as little as possible and get many runs as possible.
  • Running- this skill is essential for both offensive and defensive parties. As the bases are six feet apart, it is necessary to have good running skills to secure the points.
  • Bunting- bunting is a skill you need, especially when playing minor softball. It is mainly for fast runners to get the base hits.
  • Slap hitting is a unique batting technique for hitting the ball. It needs a lot of skills to perfect the method, especially for left-handed batters.

Like batting and fielding skills, you need a set of soft skills or intangible skills to get the game to proceed well.

  • Hand-eye coordination- as in every other sport, hand-eye coordination is also essential in softball. Good hand-eye coordination allows players to see and hit the ball accurately.
  • Endurance- is one of the critical skills you need in softball. It is essential to prevent injuries. Also, this skill helps keep up with good health and shape.
  • Strength- for any sport, the player’s power is significant. It helps in running, batting as well as in fielding.       

For a better game and good competition, the players must have the batting mentioned above, fielding, and soft skills in every aspect.

More about Baseball…

How can we forget baseball, which is also as attractive as softball? Both are similar games that have the same characteristics.

Did you know how many innings in high school baseball? Same as softball; it has seven innings. The away team plays the top half, while the home team plays the bottom.

If you are thinking of how many games are in the college baseball season, here is the answer. A regular season has 56 rounds.

So these are common concerns most of us have when comparing the two games.

How many innings are in women’s college softball?

You cannot forget the lady’s teams when you talk about softball. Here are some interesting facts about the lady’s softball games. This game is played with ten players on the ground.

The minimum number required is 8eightplayers to end the game successfully. The equipment is the same as a men’s game. The balls need to be 44 core and 375 compressions. Other than that, the rules and regulations for the game for both men and women are the same. So if you are wondering how many innings are played in women’s college softball, it is seven innings as the men’s game.

Apart from all the details we shared about the softball game, there are some frequently mentioned concerns.

Let us see how we can hip you with these questions.


Is there a 10-run rule in college softball?

For softball, the rule is 12 runs after three innings and ten after five.

Does softball play 6 or 7 innings?

Usually, it is seven innings. In both men’s and women’s games, softball is played in 7 innings.

What are innings in softball?

An inning is usually made up of two rounds, where both teams get a turn each to bat and field. Each half of the inning does not end till three outs occur. The home team will usually field first. If the score is the same at the end of all seven innings, extra innings will be played until a winner emerges.

How many innings in the college softball world series?

Each university or college softball game has seven inningsas the standard, but the game features extra innings if the score is tied. Generally, a game can have a duration of around for about two hours.

How long do college softball games last?

Depending on the various factors, like the league, rules and regulations, age category, or version of softball, a softball game can last from 3 to 7 innings and is usually completed in 1 to 2 hours. However, longer or shorter games are also played. High-school, college, and pro softball games typically last from 7 innings.

How many innings in the college softball doubleheader?

A doubleheader has the same two teams and is sometimes scheduled as two nine-inning games, a seven and a nine, or two seven-inning games. The first game of a doubleheader needs to be completed before the second game may start.

The Bottom Line

We hope this detailed discussion about the softball game improved your knowledge. And those new to the game- we hope that all of you were able to gain a better insight into what type of a game softball is.



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