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how to spin a bowling ball

How To Spin a Bowling Ball? – It Is NOT How You Bowl But How You Turn & Roll!

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Regarding the target sport and recreational activities, bowling is one of the most famous sports that most of us love participating in. This sport is played by the paler rolling a ball towards the pins or another target. The term bowling refers to the game of pin bowling. So, this effort is to learn about bowling and how to spin a bowling ball.

Bowling – The game is rolling…

Bowling is one of the most famous games and has several variations in paying. There are two main ways that this game is played.

The ways of playing slightly differ according to the specific type.

Pin bowling

The Bowl hits the pins in this game. There are three main variations of balls used for this game. The candle pinballs are the minor type of balls used, and the candlepins are the tallest and thinnest types of pins. Duck pins are the shortest, and the duckpin balls are barely more significant than the candle pinballs. Ten pinballs and the pins are the heaviest.

You should find wide other varieties in North America. There are about five varieties, and ten-pin bowling is the most popular type. The Eastern US and the Canadian region practice ten-pin bowling the most.

Ten-pin bowling is the largest and the heaviest pins, and the balls are giant with three-finger holes. The nine-pin Bowling is played with a small ball without finger holes. The candlepin bowling with the tallest pins is played with the most miniature handheld ball of any bowling sport. Duckpin bowling has short, squat pins and is played with a handheld ball. Five-pin Bowling has tall pins. The handheld ball used to play the game has a rubber girdle around it. It is mainly played in Canada.

Target bowling

This is a target spirit that is usually played outdoors. The players throw the ball, which is sometimes very heavy. It is purely because that makes it easy to target the ball to a specific spot. 

Spinning and spinning  – Why should you spin a bowling ball and its advantages?

In a bowling game, the bowlers can be categorized into several groups based on eh style and the throw of the ball.

The straight ball is when the ball is released straight, and the ball travels straight towards the pins. Beginners mainly follow this technique, which is how you should handle the ball when playing Bowling indoors.

But spinning the ball is more unique and requires specialization to get the technique right. It is an awe-inspiring technique, and you need to master it properly to get it right. But before anything, you need to get the correct ball that fits your hands properly.

Before analyzing how to spin a bowling ball, you should check on the benefits you get from turning the ball.

  • Spinning the ball allows the ball to get the best angle leading to the pocket nicely.
  • Also, it leads to more strikes than a straight bowler.
  • The striking consistency is much higher when you throw a spinning ball instead of just throwing the ball.

These are some of the expected benefits that you should know when you check on how to get spin on a bowling ball.

Blowing requires the power to hit the pins, but you also need a lot of effort to beat the pocket and attack the pins more strategically. If you hit the ball straight, you get fewer chances to strike the pins, so this is the reason that you need sufficient power to generate a more significant impact that can bring down the pins. If you do not hit the angle right, there are significantly fewer chances that you will make a solid hit when you use the straight release.

But when you use the spinning techniques to release the ball, it turns and rotates gently around its axis and tilts upwards. Then the balls spin gently towards the pins. The ball will automatically reduce the spin near the pins if the spin is correct. When the spin is reduced, the ball moves near the pins in the hooking motion. It increases the angle of attack and strategically hits the pins.

Also, when you think of how to spin a ball in Bowling, you need to know that you need to put some more strength into getting a perfect swing. When your hook ability is more remarkable, the chances of hitting the ball into the pocket increase, this way, it will strike several pins while traveling through the pocket.

It would be a plus point if you had more spin to take the game to the next level. But the players need to master the techniques and observe and learn how to add spin to a bowling ball. You can get more information on spinning a bowling ball on YouTube.

How to make a bowling ball spin?

Spinning a ball in Bowling is not an easy task. You need to have good practice as well as experience to spin the ball correctly. Most bowlers mistake this and use their wrists to spin the ball. It is incorrect to turn your whole arm sideways across their body to spin the ball. But what exactly needs to happen is that you have to ensure your arm wing is smooth and should be free like a pendulum.

The hooking motion is generated from how you release your fingers from the ball. By taking a good lift for the ball to spin, gently moves the ball to the pocket accurately. It would help if you continued your arm after releasing a solid follow-through, pointing up and towards your target.

Before you decide if you are going to through the ball in a spin or straight, you need to think of the end goal. If you are bowling just for fun or as a recreational activity, you can get to the pockets quickly through the throw or the method. You do not have to take it too seriously.

But if your wish is to become a successful bowler who wishes to compete in bowling tournaments, you need to master your spinning techniques and methods. It will easily make you carry yourself to the next game level. How you spin a bowling ball is one reasonable concern that any bowler who wishes to vary with Bowling should know.

How to spin a bowling ball? – Top ways to reach success!

We felt it would be of help to share some details on how to spin the ball incorrectly us discuss it more organized way.

Below is a detailed guideline as to how you should correctly turn the ball.

Before discussing spinning and its techniques, you should know how to grip a bowling ball for a spin. Remember that the holes must perfectly fit your fingers so that it is easy for you to hold the ball without squeezing it. As you will be rotating the ball in the final split second, gripping the ball correctly is very important.

There is a unique way to hold the bowling ball. When the ball rests in the palm of your leading hand, you have to put your middle and ring finger into the two holes that are side-by-side of the ball. Your thumb needs to be put in the hole under them. The holes are usually the size of the fingers and thumb, making the player hold the ball quickly in the palm of the player’s hand. The fingers need to be relaxed but have a firm grip on the bowling ball so that the player is confident and ready to play.

Remember to put very little pressure on holding the ball in your hand. In regular practice, it is said, if you could break an egg with that amount of stress, it is too much.

One of the other essential things a player needs to remember is the type of ball that he has to use.

The fundamental character of the ball with its weight, inner chemistry, and core type is essential for a player to grip the ball well. When thinking of how to bowl a spin ball, it is a must-consider fact. This game has many different core alignments and two main categories in which a ball fits. Before starting the game, it is essential to decide on which ball you are going to use for the game.

You need to check over your bowling ball for the below facts.

Make sure it has only one “pin,” and if it has a spot on the exterior, that is usually of a different color. It shows the direction of the core. The usual arrangements are a single regular pin plus a second PSA indicator or the mass bias pin.

Having a single pin means the ball has a symmetric weight block. If you cut the ball along the axis of the nail, you will see that both sides are symmetric. This type of ball a beginner should use is straightforward to handle.

If a ball with an asymmetric weight block should possess two pins, a pin, and an indicator. Same as the name mentions, these balls do not have symmetric cores. It can be of any shape, from that of a cube to something similar to the letter “L.” It might be slightly more difficult for a beginner to perform with these bowling balls consistently. But if you practice with a single ball, you can get the hang of the techniques and methods so well.

It is essential to pick a ball that is of a suitable weight.

The players must follow the two specific guidelines for determining the correct weight. If the player is a lady, she needs to use a 10–14-pound ball. But for adult men, the ideal weight is 14-16 pounds. The guideline is to use a ball of 10% of their body weight. The maximum weight of the ball has to be 16 pounds, roughly for those players who weigh 160 pounds. They are the basic weights recommended for bowling balls weighted to spin.· It is essential to use a ball of suitable weight to convey the necessary amount of spin. If a strong player uses a small ball, size could quickly impart too much twisting and put the ball in the gutter. A less strong player using too heavy a ball could find it challenging to create enough spin to hook the ball.

Usually, the weight of the ball should be marked on it so that it is easy for the players to pick the correct weight.

Making the Ball Spin – How to spin a bowling ball properly?

Before you get into the game of Bowling, you need to know how to handle the spinning or spin the ball properly. So here we share some exciting details about how to throw a bowling ball with spin.

Initially, you need to identify where the pocket is. The pocket is the space between the two pins. The player will target the ball to the pocket. If you are right-handed, the pocket is the space between the number 1 pin and the number 3 pin. If you are a left-hander, the pocket is between the number 2 and the number 2 pins.

The style of gripping the ball is one of the critical reasons for determining the intensity of the ball’s hook. It decides the angle at which the ball enters the pocket. If the rise is more significant, you score more.

If you are wondering how to spin a bowling ball like a pro, check on the below facts.

The relaxed grip produces a straighter roll and has a minimal hook. The hand position in this grip is more fixed to the wrist. It makes you pass the ball in a forward swing.

If it is a “strong” grip, the hand usually bends forward to hold the ball between your palm and inner wrist. It makes the angle from your forearm to your thumb should appear to be 90 degrees. This grip provides a more significant amount of spin and, from that, a more fantastic hook.

A “firm” grip is a middle form that creates a moderate hook. At this point, the wrist neither bends nor flexes. It continues the line from your forearm through your hand.

It would help to decide where you should stand for better results. For this, you need to see the pocket position and should consider the grip as well. The player should imagine its boards grouped into three sections: outside left, middle, and outside right are the three key positions. The players need to remember the strength of the grip and the expected amount of hook it gives. Based on these, you can decide which board you are sliding forward foot should bring into line with.

When you think of how to hold a bowling ball, you need to consider below:

  • A relaxed grip is the type of grip that makes the ball travel straight down the lane into the pocket. Relaxed grip: for the right-handed players, the stance is on the outside right. From the view of the left-handers, the stance is on the outer left.
  • If the stance of the player is in the middle, it is called the Firm grip
  • If your concern is, “is it hard to curve a bowling ball?“The Strong grip is the best one that allows plenty of room for the ball’s hook to turn around and freely enter the pocket. Again, for the left-handers, it’s the outside left, while for the right-handers, it’s the outside right.
  • The players must consider the approach before beginning the game. The standard form is the four-step approach. It is essential to have the knowledge and practice to stand correctly and hold the bowling ball properly for excellent results.

Below are some of the guidelines that the right-handers can follow.

  • Keep one step forward with your right foot and simultaneously bring the ball to a position over that foot. Place your non-bowling hand supporting the ball at this point.
  • You may Move your left foot forward as you lower the ball close to knee level and then further back behind you, creating a half-circle. Your non-bowling hand should release the ball at this point.
  • You can Take another step forward with your right leg. Simultaneously, you should be entering the highest point of your backswing with the ball.
  • Slowly Bring the ball forward as you take your last step from your left leg toward the line. Your right leg should slowly pass sideways behind your left as you place your left leg and release the ball. Lower your hips and move your weight slightly, bending your upper body forward at a 15-degree angle.
  • Make sure to keep your arm and wrist straight during the back swing.
  • Continue the movement of your arm upward and forward towards the pocket as you slowly release the ball.

You may try a few techniques and adjust to the best position. Constant practice indeed makes it perfect. 

When considering these facts, we shared that our concerns on how to spin a bowling ball are well addressed. Also, there are a few frequent concerns that we wish to answer. Below are some of the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spin a bowling ball faster?

If you need to spin your ball faster, make sure that you have the correct force on the ball; the posture or the standing position, the weight of the ball, and the oiliness of the bowling path are the key factors. You can increase the ball speed by relaxing your throwing muscles and keeping the ball forward before swinging.

What causes a bowling ball to curve?

The hard outer shell with the weight of the block in the curve and the shape affect the spin of the Bowling, curving it as it rolls down the lane.

How to spin a bowling ball with two hands?

The players can use the initial stance as eh one-handed players and move forward. Then slide the next step with a plan. Initially, go for the proper grip, find your swing spot, and go for it. But makes sure not to overdo with your non-dominant hand.

How do you roll a bowling ball perfectly?

Place your fingers at or below the equator of the bowling ball at release. Your hand needs to be behind the ball. But place your fingers slightly under it. Make sure to keep your hand in a firm position.

The Bottom Line

We hope that all our dear readers get the chance to know better about how to hold a bowling ball for a spin. The players who play this for a sport or recreational game can try out the tips we discussed above and practice more for better performance.



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